We create opportunities for cross cultural understanding and solution building to address complex problems involving bias. 


The Intersection of Technology & Inclusion

We leverage virtual reality, innovation processes, technology, human-centered design, analytics and storytelling to mitigate the effects of bias. It’s inclusive and solutions-oriented work for organizations and individuals that want to do more than talk.

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Virtual Reality for Good

Through immersive experiences, users see and feel from the perspectives of another person. This fosters new understanding of bias and an expanded world view.

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Design Thinking Hackathons

Leveraging the benefits of cross-disciplinary thinking and inclusion, we use design thinking in high intensity innovation sessions to develop solutions to issues related to bias, incorporating technology as appropriate. The working group includes students, academics, professionals, and community members, each contributing their perspectives and talents. Attend our next event.

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Consulting, Research & Analytics

Our team has deep and broad experience in numerous aspects of diversity and inclusionboth in theory and in practice. We are diverse in academic and international backgrounds, which makes us unique and adept at integrative problem solving. We offer consulting, analytics and research services for our partners and clients.

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